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Iceberg Lettuce: 24 Naked, Liner, Wrap & Conventional Bins. Carton Net Wt 24ct Liner & Wrap: 42-46lbs; Naked: 52-58lbs. Bin Net Wt: 900-950lbs.
Green Cabbage: EpicVeg Green Medium 22 to 24 count; EpicVeg Green Jumbo 14 to 18 count; Bin Cabbage
Broccoli: Feng Shui-Crowns; EpicVeg Green-Crowns; Santa Rita; Broccoli Bins-Crowns
Cauliflower: Santa Rita 12 count, our Exclusive pack -Best overall product for food service or retail presentation. Carton net wt: 24-27lbs. Dimples 12 count, our Standard pack - Meets good delivery standards, a good value and favorite of many. Dimples 9 count-Best product for food service and making florets. Carton net wt: 24-27lbs. Santa Rita 16 count-Carton net wtt: 23-26lbs.
Romaine: Naked & Liner 24 count-Carton net wt: 34-40lbs.(35 cartons/pallet [Preferred for Processors]) Mini Bins-Carton net wt: 50lbs. 24 cartons/pallet
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epic vegEpicVeg, Inc. is a vertically integrated grower/shipper of California Vegetables located on the central coast of California. Our experienced 3rd and 4th generation growers with over 40 years in the business have the necessary skill set to ensure a consistent product. Our sales team strives for excellence each and every day with nearly 50 years of knowledge. [Meet our Team].


Our company's focus of Quality, Attitude and Service combine into a powerful partner to support and work beside our clients year after year!


We enjoy long term business relationships.  We are Primus Lab audited and LGMA certified 

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Our company’s primary focuses are Quality, Service, and Attention to Detail. Combine all of these traits, and the client has a very powerful company that anyone would be delighted to support and work with for years to come!